The Complete Drumming Career Online Course
  • The Complete Drumming Career Online Course
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This is the Drumming Career Course, complete with video, links, assignments and tips to getting gigs.

There are 11 lessons total. Each Lesson will cover a different topic: (Course outline below) It is recommended that the student take at least a week between each lesson to absorb and fully complete each assignment.

Joe is available to answer your questions within 24 hours:

Drumming Career Course Outline

Unit 1 – Building Our Product

Lesson 1 – Perfecting Our Timekeeping and Groove

-Perfecting Precision with Subdivisions

-Mastering the groove

-The Money Beat

-Playing to loops and drum machines (comes with 3 drum loops to play along with)

-Timekeeping in a band

Lesson 2 – Charts

-What are charts?

-The importance of WRITING charts

-Tools for writing charts

-How to write a drum reduction

Lesson 3 – Versatility

-What it means to be versatile

-Being a musical chameleon

-10 Essential Rhythms for the professional drummer

Lesson 4 – Repertoire

-Why knowing a lot of songs gives you an advantage

-Learning the actual drum parts of classic songs

-The 50 songs YOU MUST know by heart w/ Links to each

Lesson 5 – Professionalism

-The conduct and behavior of a serious professional

-Why your appearance matters

-What band leaders expect of you

-Essential equipment

Unit 2 Selling Our Product

Lesson 6 – What Gigs Are Available

-A list of all the gigs available to you

-Tips and links on how to get the gigs

-What you can expect to get paid

-What is required of each gig

-video links as examples

Lesson 7 – Why Do You Want The Gig

-The importance of knowing why you play drums

-Defining your personal career goals

-Setting a path to achieve those goals

Lesson 8 – Where Do You Need To Be

-How do you accomplish your goals in your hometown

-Should you relocate

-Is the big city calling you?

Lesson 9 – Who Do You Need To Know

-Your most valuable friends and allies

-The shameless self-promoting musician

-Non-musicians involved in the music scene

Lesson 10 – How Do You Keep Gigs Coming In

-Networking in the real world

-Networking tools

-Networking in the cyber world

-Five cyber tools every serious pro MUST use

Lesson 11 – Cracking Into The Big Time

-How to be at the right place at the right time

-How I landed my first high profile gig

-One gig leads to another

-Playing drums for rock stars

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