The Drumming Career Course is a resource for anyone interested in a career as a professional drummer.

Joe Goretti, a dynamic and dedicated industry professional, shares all of his knowledge, strategies, and tips that have led to a successful, 30 year career as a professional drummer. His resumé includes tours with Moby, Ne-Yo, Robyn, AJR, and many more.

Joe is committed to helping the student achieve a successful career as a professional drummer in today's modern music industry.

Joe offers:

  • Career Coaching personalized sessions to help you achieve your career goals
  • Online Career Course that is designed to prepare you for a career in music
  • Monthly Workshops that cover a variety of topics related to the business of drumming
  • Interactive Q&A that features a different industry professional each week
  • Community Group where members can post questions, tips, videos

Find out what it really takes from someone who has woven all of his knowledge and experience together into a resource designed to provide the most comprehensive and practical education relevant to the industry today.

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How to Get Quality Drum Recordings on An Electronic Kit


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