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The Complete Drumming Career Course Online is now available! It comes with over two hours of video, 11 lessons with assignments and over 100 Links to Essential Repertoire and Gig Opportunities! Download the Course in its entirety OR choose to buy lessons separately HERE!

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About the course...

Far beyond rudiments and patterns, this course is designed by a professional drummer to teach you how to start and/or maintain a career as a full time musician.
Joe Goretti, a dynamic and dedicated industry professional, brings over 25 years of talent and experience to the classroom. His resumé includes gigs with Moby, Ne-Yo, Robyn, The Temptations and many more. He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music. His one-of- a-kind program surpasses traditional course structures. Although you may find any number of courses to teach you how to play the drums, his innovative approach teaches you something you absolutely NEED and can’t find anywhere else: business acumen.
Allow yourself to be guided by a seasoned professional who knows how to succeed in the music business. Get the benefit of the applied knowledge an educated and accomplished drummer can teach you. The Drumming Career Course is uniquely designed to provide you with the specific practical skills needed for competitive employment in today’s music industry market. In addition to these invaluable career building blocks, Joe will provide expert instruction in multiple facets of the business of drumming, including but certainly not limited to:

     - A summary of the essential styles and repertoire with LINKS and video examples of each song and style.;

     - Learn what gigs are available to you and how to get those gigs;

     - Essential skills of a successful professional musician;
     - Networking essentials and strategies to get the best-paying/high profile gigs

Find out what it REALLY takes from someone who has woven all of this knowledge and experience together into a course designed to provide students with the most comprehensive and practical education relevant to the industry today.
If you are a serious drummer, and interested in becoming a Career Musician, then this course is designed for you. Don't waste your time and money on the same old information. Get the edge you need to succeed, and download Joe Goretti's Drumming Career Course. Here


Course Outline...

Unit 1 – Building Our Product 

Lesson 1 – Perfecting Our Timekeeping and Groove 

      -Perfecting Precision with Subdivisions 

      -Mastering the groove 

      -The Money Beat 

      -Playing to loops and drum machines (comes with 3 drum loops to play along with) 

      -Timekeeping in a band 

Lesson 2 – Charts 

      -What are charts? 

      -The importance of WRITING charts 

      -Tools for writing charts 

      -How to write a drum reduction 

Lesson 3 – Versatility 

      -What it means to be versatile 

      -Being a musical chameleon 

      -10 Essential Rhythms for the professional drummer 

Lesson 4 – Repertoire 

      -Why knowing a lot of songs gives you an advantage 

      -Learning the actual drum parts of classic songs 

      -The 50 songs YOU MUST know by heart w/ Links to each 

Lesson 5 – Professionalism 

      -The conduct and behavior of a serious professional 

      -Why your appearance matters 

      -What band leaders expect of you 

      -Essential equipment 

Unit 2 -  Selling Our Product 

Lesson 6 – What Gigs Are Available 

      -A list of all the gigs available to you 

      -Tips on how to get the gigs 

      -What you can expect to get paid 

      -What is required of each gig 

      -video links as examples 

Lesson 7 – Why Do You Want The Gig 

      -The importance of knowing why you play drums 

      -Defining your personal career goals 

      -Setting a path to achieve those goals 

Lesson 8 – Where Do You Need To Be 

      -How do you accomplish your goals in your hometown 

      -Should you relocate 

      -Is the big city calling you? 

Lesson 9 – Who Do You Need To Know 

      -Your most valuable friends and allies 

      -The shameless self-promoting musician 

      -Non-musicians involved in the music scene 

Lesson 10 – How Do You Keep Gigs Coming In 

      -Networking in the real world 

      -Networking tools 

      -Networking in the cyber world 

      -Five cyber tools every serious pro MUST use 

Lesson 11 – Cracking Into The Big Time 

      -How to be at the right place at the right time 

      -How I landed my first high profile gig 

      -One gig leads to another 

      -Playing drums for rock stars